Luminosity - experimenting in the dark
Experimenting with very dark scenes only lit by Luminous Objects.
February, 2017
Computer AnimationMotion GraphicsLandscape Design
Realistic female Hair (CGI)
A go at realistic hair using only cinema 4D and c4d hair. Experimented with hair for a week and this is the result, what do you think?
October, 2016
Graphic DesignCharacter DesignDigital Art
Project 365: Week 2 "Black & Gold"
Second week of my daily renders. Enjoy!
October, 2016
Graphic DesignDigital ArtLandscape Design
Project 365: Week 1 "Colorize"
The first week of my 365 day project. I create pictures to a new theme every week. This week i was playing with displacement and colors as well as physical cameras in c4d.
September, 2016
Digital ArtLandscape DesignVisual Effects
Xenocry - An Alien Monument
This was an Contest entry for r/cinema4d sometimes last year.
December, 2015
Graphic DesignLandscape DesignMotion Graphics
Alpha Centauri - A New Phone Concept
This is the biggest Project i've done so far. It included Modeling, Texturing, Animating & Lots of post work. The total work time is roughly about 150 hours. I am really excited to finally have it finished!
November, 2015
BrandingComputer AnimationGraphic Design
Minibots - Lawlez
Nice typography
February, 2015
Graphic DesignMotion GraphicsTypography
Topology Cinema 4d
A little project i made, its very simple to change the look and it allways looks fantastic
December, 2014
Motion Graphics
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